There are many different kinds of dish washers, and they all require different products to work properly. European dishwashers run longer and quieter than our American dishwashers; the European dishwashers also use less water and energy

Salt is one of the products many European dishwashers use. In Europe, water seems to be much “harder” (containing more Calcium and Magnesium) than in the US, so ion exchangers are in every dishwasher in Europe. The Calcium and Magnesium can cause a buildup in your dishwasher causing dishes to not dry or your dishwasher to use more energy to dry the dishes. European dishwashers don’t use heat to dry their dishes, they use condensation (steam) to dry the dishes. Basically, the hot water sticks to the stainless steel inside of the dishwasher which is why it is important to use salt in your dish washer. Do not use table salt; there is special salt just for dishwasher. Also, “All in one” tabs do not use salt, they use phosphates (bad for the environment) to soften water or zeoliths.

Tips and reminders on keeping your dishwasher clean.

  1. There are many parts that need to be cleaned in your dishwasher. European dishwashers use different systems to trap food. They’re like a strainer for your dishwasher. They collect the small bits of food some people leave on their dishes. This food gets trapped in the strainer, you should clean and check this area regularly. It’s very simple and easy to clean… just remember to check it.
  2. To help prevent mold in your dishwasher, make sure it is dry before you close it. Make sure you check the strainer and other areas which may collect/hold water. You can use a towel to dry out these area. You can also keep your dishwasher open letting the air dry it out. If you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen to leave the dishwasher wide open you can open the dishwasher placing an object keeping the door from shutting all the way, I use a wooded spoon.

Look up your dishwasher model online to find the manual. If you can’t find the manual in English for your dishwasher try using google translate or talking with one of local neighbors for help.