Recently, my family and I went to Keukenhof the tulip gardens and went to Diergaarde Biljdrop zoo in Rotterdam Netherlands. I saved a lot of money by booking my hotel outside of Amsterdam. I found a great hotel in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is about a 20 minute drive from the Keukenhof. I stayed at a hotel called Novotel, they offered breakfast, Wi-Fi, and children under the age of 16 get to stay in the parent’s room free. Novotel also offers private parking for guests!

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Before the drive, I put the hotel address in my GPS right away. The route I chose skipped Frankfurt and Brussels, which is particularly good if you live in Kaiserslautern. The first town you want to put in your GPS is Koblenz, Germany. Once you reach this city the next thing you put in is Venlo, Netherlands. Once you reach Venlo type in your final destination. You can also add these places as points of interest, however it was easiest for myself to just enter these points as I came to them.

I learned that Amsterdam was past the Keukenhof, and while their zoo I’m sure is wonderful, Rotterdam was much closer and is also great!

The Zoo is easily a whole day, it was only 10 minutes from my hotel. The tickets are cheaper if purchased online. There is a parking fee and you can pay it at zoo. Fortunately, there is an ATM at the zoo, which is quite handy. The zoo also takes credit cards but only if they’re chipped. As a cost cutter, you can pack lunch and bring drinks. For tired children they have carts to ride on that you can rent. This is one zoo that is truly worth the money!

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The Keukenhof, it was awesome. This garden can be done in a few hours or your family can take a whole day if you want to relax. You can also pack a lunch or eat in the garden. They have parking for a small fee and tickets that can be purchased online saving you from a wait in line.

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Reminders, your Esso card only works in Germany, so make sure you know your pin cord for your card. If you are leaving Germany you must have an international driver’s license.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the information provided! If you have any questions just ask by leaving a message in the comments or send me an email at Look forward to hearing from you!