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Kitchen Organization Makeover Giveaway for 2016

Enter by December 16th 2016 for a chance to win a kitchen organization makeover.

I, Sugin, will come to your home with items to personally help organize your whole kitchen. My goal is to help give you more space and save you money. We will work together to come up with the best plan to ensure the kitchen organization makeover works for you. The best part is you get to keep all the items we use in your home, and you are able to take them with you the next time you PSC. Rules on how to enter are below.



Entry Rules:

  1. Subscribe to my Sugin’s Corner channel
  2. Like this video and leave a comment
  3. Send over an email with pictures of your kitchen to sue@suginscorner.com
  4. You must sign the agreement contract with Sugin’s Corner to participate in the making of “How to Organize a Small kitchen” in your home.
  5. Contest ends December 16th
  6. Winner will be announced Dec 19th
  7. You must be a DOD ID card holder
  8. Only open to those living off base in Germany within the Kaiserslautern Military Community.