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Almost every drink you buy you pay a deposit on for the bottle.
Almost all stores have a refund bottle area. Each deposit station may vary from store to store.

Can you return bottles from any store?
Generally you can return bottles from any store.
Some bottles can only be funded for the deposit at the store you bought it from.
If the bottle is dirty or not empty you may need to rinse it out. Some stores provide an area to rinse out the bottles.

Y2ou pay a deposit on the bottle for almost every drink you buy.
Pfand or Deposit, how can you tell?
Sometimes it says on the label and sometimes there is a symbol.

2.Mehrwertflasche” or “Mehrwertglas” has a few cents pfand on it.

Dented cans and bottles with missing labels are not able to be scanned.
If the scanner can’t read the bottle you may not get your refund.3

You don’t have to buy anything to get your deposit back. Just take your ticket to customer service and you will get your refund.

When buying something in the store make sure you give the ticket to the cashier before you pay. The refund will be deducted from your total, any remaining amount will be giving to you.


Each deposit station may vary from store to store. Some may even have an English setting.