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Question #1: Hello. I saw your video on FB. We will be pcsing to Germany. My question is about where we can take classes to learn the language.  Thank you for doing those videos.

Sugin’s Reply:

Welcome to Germany and thank you for the kind words. To answer your question many military insulations worldwide offer classes to learn another language for little or no cost. Here are few places to ask for information about learning a new language at your duty location.

  • Community centers
  • USO classes.
  • Family Support Centers.
  • Base Libraries also have


Air Force libraries:  http://www.usafelibraries.org/

Army libraries: http://army.lib.overdrive.com/3A74D787-9638-43CF-B902-04C6D2975B63/10/50/en/Default.htm

Navy/Marine libraries: https://mwrdigitallibrary.navy.mil/

Question #2:  Hi, I am a very new Air Force spouse and our 1st   assignment together is Japan. Is it hard to adjust to and I am worried about making new friends.  I love what you are doing, thank you!

Sugin’s Reply:

Cognations on the new marriage and thank you for the kind words. To answer the first part of your question, yes it is a big adjustment with everything a military spouse needs to learn. Military spouse learn on our feet and must not be afraid to ask for help.  To help with that learning your base should offers classes to help with the adjustment and there are a lot of great books to help.

One book I heard about, but I have not read is “Today’s Military Wife” by Lydia Sloan Cline. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1044440.Today_s_Military_Wife

Military Spouse magazine has a lot of great information. http://militaryspouse.com/

To help calm your worries about meeting new people. I can personally tell you making friends is a common problem for military spouses, but there are a lot of ways to meet other spouse. A major positive when military spouses become friends it’s for life and a strong bond. Military spouse can go years without seeing each other and it’s like no time has passed. FYI being a military spouse comes with a little bonus… if you don’t like a spouse try not to stress on it because spouses move a lot. Here are some ideas to help with meeting new spouses at your duty station.

  • USO offers a lot classes and trips, everything from cooking, learning how to take the train.
  • Church
  • Enlisted Spouse Club or Officers Spouse Club
  • Volunteering
  • Your Sponsors may offer Spouse Sponsor  or Spouse mentors
  • Facebook check for local spouse groups.

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