Living in Europe there are many different ways to heat your home.  Learning how to properly heat your home can save you a lot of money.

If your home has radiators I have a helpful information video for you.  Warning signs to look for your radiator are hearing bubbling inside or being cold on top and warm on the bottom. That signs you could have air inside that needs to be bled out. This is a very simple task and can save a lot on heating costs in your home, not to mention keep the radiators functional. In the video I use a flat head screwdriver to bleed the air out, though there is a proper tool you can find at your local hardware store for cheap and it’s called Radiator bleed key. In German you would ask for Vierkantschlüssel. If you are still having problems with your radiator contact your landlord or the maintenance export for help. Avoid blocking your radiators with furniture or curtains, you can help save on your heating costs.

How to bleed your radiators:    1***Warning HOT water may spray out. ***

What you will need to drain your radiators: The Radiator Bleed Key, a towel/ paper towels and a small container.

The little valve to bleed is usually on the opposite end of the heater’s thermostat. *** Remember if only water comes out then the air is drained!***2

Once you have your key stick the key on the tiny valve that is not facing the wall or you. Place your cup under the little valve hole and then carefully turn the key to the left you make start to hear the air coming out. Once water starts dripping into your bowl you carefully close the valve by turning the key back to the right. Pull the key out and place in an area you will remember to find it again later! You may have to repeat this a few times as air will move around.3

One or more of your radiators not working at all???

I was just reminded of another problem occurring in heater season:

The radiators all work except for some that won’t come on at all.

Sonja Batchelor shares her personal experience.

I have personally ran into this problem a lot of times before:

***Make sure not to break the plastic mount pieces. If it looks too difficult ask your landlord for help! ***

There is a little metal pen under the thermostat. By turning the thermostat knob you are pushing it in or letting it out. This is what regulates the heat. During the long non heating period this little pen often gets stuck and causes the heater to stay closed. You can solve this problem by removing the knob and carefully jiggling/pushing the little metal pen until you can push it in and out without getting stuck again. Then put the knob back on and it should work! Before pulling the knob off, make sure it’s turned off and when you put it back on make sure the setting is the same, not to confuse the numbers’ heating purpose. Again make sure not to break the plastic mount pieces. If it looks too difficult ask your landlord for help!