Sugin’s Corner presents:  German Bread – A “Cut” Above the Rest.

Question:  “How do I cut the bread loaves using the bread machine?  Is there any bread similar to Wonder Bread off base?”  ~Guest from Germany on the Spouse Information Center

Sugin’s reply: What I learned about German bread and my experience from shopping at the local stores in my area.

I found out that most German loaves of bread get cut before purchasing. There is a larger selection off base, and the bread is typically cheaper and healthier. Many stores offer nutritional information and list the ingredients. If you don’t see the information posted, you can ask a store worker. You may have to use google translate if you can’t read German.

Compare prices and taste the options.  Many different kinds of bread off base are lactose-free, and there is gluten free bread available too.  Stores offer similar bread brands that taste like Wonder bread. Many stores also offer different kinds of wheat bread and have different bun options.

When using the bread cutting machine, some stores have a picture posted of instructions.

How to use the bread cutting machine.

  1. Open the lid
  2. Place your loaf inside the machine
  3. Some you have to slide a holder to the end of the bread
  4. Close the lid
  5. Press the thickness you want your bread cut
  6. Carefully take the sliced loaf and place it on the metal shelf
  7. Using the plastic bread bag, wrap your bread
  8. Close the lid

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