The painful process of explaining deployments to your children never gets easier. There are so many “Why’s” that must be answered. In my book “Butterfly in The Sky, Daddy’s Little Girl”, you’ll find age appropriate faith based explanations that will help answer some of the more difficult questions.

In my opinion knowledge is power and educating your children, instead of sheltering them, helps to eliminate some of their more imaginative fears.  The book helps reinforce the love the deployed service member feels for their child, and helps to explain why they need to preform their work so far away from home.

Reader Reviews

A Must have for Military families!
★★★★★ By J. Hamblin on May 8, 2009
We recently went to a class, offered on base, for families of deployed soldiers , and that is where This AWESOME book was read to us by the ACTUAL AUTHOR…. She is a wonderful and giving person! It was our first time hearing of a book especially for children that would help them understand that they are not ALONE and that there are alot of kids out there that miss their daddy (or mom) when they are deployed. I think that a military spouse that has children and has gone through a deployment is the best person to write this kind of book. Also, the military child that illustrated the pictures did a great job as well…. This Book has helped our family and will be around to help many families in the months and years to come… GREAT BOOK >>> A MUST HAVE….

A swell, sweet journey
★★★★★ By BeauJory on December 25, 2012
This is such a swell, sweet journey to encourage peace of mind of a child longing for the safe return of her daddy. I used this story to help military brats understand why daddy (and mommy) has to go off to war to make all our families safe. May God Bless , BeauJory

★★★★★ By Jennifer L. Shigekawa on November 4, 2008
I own the book and love it.. I am a military spouse myself and it is a wonderful book for my children to read..

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