Question #1

“Awesome videos! My questions can I use my American cell phone I have in Germany? Thank you!”

Sugin’s Reply:

Thank you for the question. The answer is not a simple yes or no, it depends on a few things. Most iPhone or Smart Phones can be used. They can only be used if the phone is a quad band (Global System for Communications) GSM, meaning the phone is capable of supporting the local frequencies almost anywhere in the world. Also make sure your phone is unlocked and has a removable SIM card (one that can be changed out for one with a new one from your location). The companies have to unlock your American purchased cell phones. For more information check out link number two.

A warning about getting a new plan for your cell phone:  Don’t over pay and sign a contact right away when you arrive. Personally, I started out with a prepay sim card to see what I would use. I know it is easy for many American’s to just buy the biggest plan, but I waited to see what I used and I am happy I did. It saved me and my family a lot of money.

Thank you for the kind words and I hope this helped answer your questions.

  1. What is quad band GSM
  2. American unlocking cell phone laws.
  3. What is a SIM card and why cell phones need them.

Question #2

“Hello, I am worried, ok very scared, about failing the driver’s test for Germany. It is a hard as they say it is and how scary is it too drive there. Thank you so much for making these videos!”

Sugin’s Reply:

Thank you for the question and if it helps you are not alone. It is normal to be scared; just take a breath and remember you can do this.  The key is to study and not listen to all the people who are making it worse than it is. Yes, it will be scary your first time driving in a new country, just like it is for more people. Some tips that can help you relax is don’t start out driving during rush hour; take your time, plan a head, and drive the area you want to go a few times before you go. You can also map out where you want to go and where to park ahead of time. Taking friends alone can help and most of all it is ok to get lost. Personally even with my GPS I still get lost, this is why I also ask for a phone number so when I get lost I can let them know where to find me.

Thank you for the question and the compliment, I hope this helps answer your question.

  1. USAEUR safety information and practice tests look here: .
  2. Information on stateside DMV to renew your American driver licenses.
  1. Ramstein AB factsheet:
  1. Army’s Links for USAREUR Driving Test:
  1. Link for the Kaiserslautern Area DMV in Germany:
  1. Find out how to get your international driver’s license here:
  1. Updated information for Ramstein information provided from Ramstein Air Base, Germany .

Good morning Team Ramstein!

Please let your newcomers know that there is now a new procedure to obtain a USAEREUR POV driver’s license. All military personnel, civilians and dependents will take the test using the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) website. The new site offers the ability to test from non-military computers with or without a Common Access Card. Personnel not possessing a Common Access Card will have to register using the Non CAC login.

On the site listed below, create an account and take course numbers (prefix USA) #007 and #007-B .

Non CAC Login:

CAC Login:

After completion, wait 48 hours for the score to be updated in the system before going to the Ramstein AB Licensing Center to get your temporary license. The test is good for 60 days–after that you will have to retest.

Please bring your certificate of completion, valid state side driver’s license, orders and a debit/credit card for the $10 payment.

For any questions please contact the Ramstein AB Licensing Center at DSN 480-0116 or commercial 06371-47-5534.

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